A Variety Of Stereoscopes

The Perfect Stereoscopemaya-heart-new-dimensions2

This post features a collection of images that I’ve labelled “stereoscopes” over the years.  Some are conventionally, some are unconventionally stereoscopes.  Before jumping in I wanted to offer the chance to appreciate the perfect stereoscope.  This stereoscopic image was constructed of no less than ten individual photographs.  They were combined in photo-editing software and together compose an image both visually pleasing and analogically philosophical.

Stereoscopes:  How to Make a Finger Hotdog

finger hotdog

A stereoscope allows the perception of three-dimensions from two dimensional images. Continue reading

The QuarryMen: Willi Paul and the Matter of Mythology

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 10.42.06 AM copy

Carridine invited Willi to talk after reading tens of Willi’s interviews with people involved with permaculture and mythology. Willi’s compelling applications of mythology to social and environmental crises turn the familiar conversation surrounding myth on its head. Carridine also found his commitment to online archiving admirable. He invited Willi to have a conversation he believed would be productive of a greater synthesis between depth experience and social organizing for sustainable change.

You can find Carridine and Willi at the New Mythology Permaculture and Transition Group and the Depth Psychology Alliance – New Mythology Group.

Here is the first round of that conversation.
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A Few Instances of Imagework


    “I included in the stuff I sent you* a bit of a page from a book I used to have of stereoscopic aerial photographs of canyons. The pictures are taken from directly above. The resultant effect is a completely unreadable and insignificant depiction of canyons. This however only heightens the effect when the photos are viewed stereoscopically. I remember the first time I looked at them through the viewer,  I actually experienced vertigo.”

This is part of a note I wrote to woman who I had sent nine pieces of art.  She had served as the model for the art Continue reading

A Splinter


On the front lawn of an old house similar to all the other houses on the street Sammy Boy is attending to countless children, leaving the preparations for the wedding in more capable hands.  Well-dressed guests file passed him carrying boxes of taffeta and lace, some carrying satin gowns on hangers dressed in clear plastic.  He smiles gently at the greeting of each without showing his teeth.
Inside, in the small green kitchen with the large cast iron stove, Continue reading